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Global RoHS

Global RoHS

EU…China…California…Japan…Korea…Norway…South America…

Australia/New Zealand…others on the way. And, naturally, there 

are differences in the number of substances, product scope, compliance 

basis, information disclosure and other requirements. 
GCG’s Deep Domain Expertise and “Roll-Up-Our-Sleeves” Approach
No company ever wants their access to markets, customers and revenue 

interrupted. GCG can assist you in RoHS-proofing your company against 

governmental product bans and/or customer-terminated contracts


For the last 7 years, we have pioneered RoHS compliance with our:
·         Award-winning MDW-ES Substance and Material Management Solution
·         Deep domain expertise with companies at all supply chain levels in the high-tech, medical, 

      semi-conductor equipment, consumer and other industry sub-sectors
·         Managed Services approach that provides “one-stop” compliance via our:
    o         Portfolio of software products and consulting skills
    o         Data collection services
    o         Project plans and other documents that can be easily customized for your company 
    o        Third-party “Compliance Alliance” partners like Underwriter Labs and ThermoFisher 

             Scientific that provide lab testing, XRF screening devices and other RoHS-related products 

             and services
GCG's RoHS Related Activities
GCG knows both the RoHS-like Directives and how to help your company reduce its risk, costs and stress. 
We have been awarded SMT Magazine’s Vision Award for our MDW-ES Substance Management Software
Solution…provided RoHS trainings in China, Australia and North America, including eight trainings for the 
Surface Mount Technology Association…had two representatives on the IPC 1752 Working Committee…and 
a great deal more. 
Key Questions:
·         Do you have a solution for cleansing, analyzing, status-checking and audit-proofing your RoHS-related 

      substance and material information at the ppm level?
·         What is your strategy for collecting full-disclosure substance data from the 3 main sources of that data?
·         Do you have a project plan for globally complying with RoHS rather than on a country-by-country basis?
GCG's Global RoHS Experience:
·         Geographic Case Study Summaries
·         Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Case Study
·         CHINA RoHS

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