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Ultrasonic Imaging Systems: PortaScan 007

Ultrasonic Imaging Systems: PortaScan 007
See What Lurks Beneath the Surface
idden corrosion and defects can cause serious problems and is responsible for millions of dollars annually in cost of replacement infrastructure and lost production, and is a dangerous threat to safety and the environment. With the PortaScan Series Data Acquisition & Imaging Systems you can easily detect and quantifymost unseen potential  hazards before they become problems.
Problem Solving ApplicationsIn any environment, PortaScan 007 is the affordable solution for ultrasonic detection and monitoring of corrosion in pressure vessels, pipelines, cranes, bridges, storage tanks, railroad tank cars, ship hulls/decking, tube trailers, aging aircraft, composites, rocket motor cases, torpedo housings, rolls, plates, slabs, billets, bars, and much more.

Testing Can Take You AnywhereThe 
to detect corrosion on oil platforms in the North Sea, in
 and tank farms from Alaska to the Kingdom of Saudi
and airplanes from Seattle, Washington to Shanghai,
Republic of China.
Need to test a number of places in hard to get at areas?
. The PortaScan 007 Ultrasonic Imaging System can 
 data from scanners up to 150' (45 m) away using
007CCB150 control cable bundle. Do your tests 
single and dual element transducers? Simple. Just
 test set up from the built in Quantum ultrasonic i
, slip the appropriate transducer and insert into 
the holder a
nd begin testing. Store or retrieve images with header d
ata, and immediately evaluate easy to read "C" scan, "B"
and spreadsheet displays of actual recorded values. The 
also exports the acquired data in an ASCII format for use 
 spreadsheets or other evaluation programs.
The PortaScan 007 is best suited for applications where hi
gh resolution and high definition are required, such as 
 / erosion and where raw collected data needs to be imported 
 other systems.

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